About Us

RevU World – we review the world for YOU !

In the era of internet when we are all too busy with our lives and careers, we often don’t find enough time to take a relaxing bath, nonetheless time to go shopping.

I mean, yes, we can go shopping and purchase the things that we want or need at the moment but are we truly getting what we need?

Are we really scoring a deal?

Is the product that we just bought worth the money?

Is it even good?

Or did we buy it just because of the brand name or possibly just because we didn’t feel like doing the research on the other options?

We have been asking ourselves the same questions. Every time we went to buy something we realized that we haven’t really researched other options that were available to us.


Simply because we didn’t have time to look at hundreds and thousands of items that were just few clicks away. People don’t have time or money to be reading all of the:

  • product reviews
  • product descriptions
  • product images

…or purchasing items solely for the purpose of testing them to see if item A is better than item B just because it is more expensive or just because item A is manufactured by the well known brand.

So what do we do exactly you might ask

We simply look at the items and compare them.

We look at different options, features, quality and price to create lists of what we believe are the best items in a particular category.
Let’s get this straight – we are not experts in every subject because we simply can’t be.

We are consumers, just like YOU, that try to get the best products and help others save some time while doing it.

Soo….you’re not experts – why should we trust you?

Well, most importantly because we are not BIASED.

We are not selling any of these items directly nor we are trying to advertise them.

We are simply dedicating our time and research to show you what we believe would be the best option or what we believe is the best quality item based on our testing and/or research.

What we are featuring on RevU.World, are just our opinions and thoughts about different products that we like to share with buyers like you.

We describe the items, show you where you can get them and most importantly show you PROs and CONs of each and one of them which explains their given position.

So what is the trick here? You’re spending all this time for free?

Yes and no.

We like to help people like us so we are dedicating our time and effort to increase the shopping experience for many but we do get paid for it only if people buy the items through the links that we share on our site.

We participate in affiliate programs which allow us to test more items and expand while helping buyers get the best items.

Feel free to follow us on our Facebook page, and contact us if you have any questions, comments or feedback!