A dead battery is the most common reason why your car won’t start.

It is a big problem and we’re sure it has caused all of us a number of headaches.

Our list of best jumper cables features the best options that we have found to ensure that whenever it happens you have the jumper cables that will get you going again.

1.Unique Imports Professional Best Jumper Cables

Best Jumper Cable Unique Imports Professional Jumper Cable

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If you aren’t messing around, use what the pros use. If you came here for the best, here they are. Why settle for something less if you are after the pinnacle of what a best jumper cable could be?

These cables are over-engineered with a purpose. If you drive a compact car, they may be a little much but if you want the power to really pump some amps to get a dead car going, these are just what you need. They can handle whatever juice you can dish out.

With a 1 gauge solid copper core and extra-thick shielding, these 25-foot cables have everything you need to deliver the power to jump any vehicle on the planet. Realistically, they can deliver up to 800 amps of transfer and that should be enough for anything.

With fully shielded clamps for extra safety and tangle free cords to deploy them quickly, these really are the pinnacle of jumper cable technology. When you clamp them, the extra strong clamps will hold no matter how hard the battery is to get to.

Rust resistant with their own carry bag. If you want to go be beyond a good set of cables to the best jumper cables that you can get for any job, these are exactly what you want. No doubt about it.

  • Shielded Clamps
  • Solid Copper Wire
  • Tangle Free
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

2.EPAuto Extreme Duty Jumper Cables

Best Jumper Cable EPAuto Extreme Duty Jumper Cable

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When times are extreme and there is two foot of snow in the blowing sub-zero weather, it takes a lot of juice to get that starter turning. This is no time to mess about and definitely no time to get stuck without a battery that can do the job. For those far northerners, they understand the value of big cables.

If there is something that needs starting, a 1 gauge cable with a shielded single strand wire delivers just the power you need. Up to 800 starter turning amps of power. You could start a bulldozer with these things.

At 25 feet long with super stout parrot head clamps, they have all the length and grip you need. When you can jump the car in front of you without maneuvering around them, you are on the right track. When you can do that without concern of a loose cable or too much juice, you are doing it right.

To keep your cords safe, you get a durable carry bag and to keep yourself safe, you get a thoughtfully included pair of safety gloves. For hard times and hard to reach places, these are some of the best jumper cables out there.

Perfect for everything from your lawn mower to your motorhome, these beefy cables get the job done every time. And they will do it in any weather or temperature you care to be out in.

  • Shielded Single Strand Wire
  • Super Long
  • High Amp
  • Costly
  • Not Tangle Free
  • Stiff Clamps

3.Cal-Hawk Heavy Duty Best Jumper Cables

Best Jumper Cable Cal-Hawk Heavy Duty Jumper Cable

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Cal-Hawk is one of those companies you tend to find all around the automotive and electronics world. They don’t deal with making complicated parts but instead focus on making simple tools the best they can possibly be. It is for that reason there is no doubt these are a good set of cables.

Rather than going for sheer size, these were made for the consumer. If you drive full sized pickup, these cables are perfect. No larger than they need to be to deliver 600 amps of pure power, whether you are sending it out or bringing it in.

Made of a flexible 2 gauge wire with plenty of rubber to shield it, these 25-foot cables do exactly what they need to do. The copper plated parrot jaw clamps give a firm connection and great conductivity. This ensures all that power goes exactly where you need it.

No matter the weather or temperature, these cables were designed to deal with it. Even at a starter freezing -67 degrees, these cables remain flexible and easy to use. The clamps may be hard to open but you can overcome that.

They may not include a carry case but you are paying for cables, not a pretty bag. Still, these anti-tangle cables are quick to deploy and work every time. For the more reasonable minded consumer with a smaller car, these are some of the best jumper cables on the market.

  • Flexible
  • Good Connection
  • Tangle Free
  • Clamps are hard to open
  • No Carry Case

4.Energizer Heavy Duty Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable Energizer Heavy Duty Jumper Cable

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You need battery power? Why go to anyone but the company that makes batteries all day long? Sure, most of Energizers stuff is on the smaller size but surely, they know enough about conductivity. If you need a pair of booster cables that are premium made, these are just that!

When it comes to 2 gauge cables, no other product has copper formulated to handle more load. These superconductive cables can push 800 amps without problems and if that won’t get your car started, you need more than a jump.

In either 16 foot or 20-foot lengths of tangle free, flexible copper clad aluminum wire. This premium combination allows for higher amperage that remains easy to use down well below zero. If what you want is just a great set of best jumper cables, this will do everything you need.

The fully shielded parrot head clamps are strong and secure for great energy transfer and hold strong. You get a nice little storage bag to keep things organized. It even comes with a two-year warranty in case something happens to go wrong.

For your cars, trucks, vans, tractors, mowers, and motorcycles it turns out that Energizer really is the brand you can trust when you want some of the best jumper cables around. My recommendation is to get the long set, you never know when you will need the extra length.

  • High Amp
  • Clamps Securely
  • Tangle Free
  • Can Overheat when Charging

5.Cartmen Medium Duty Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable Cartmen Medium Duty Jumper Cable

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Don’t have a huge vehicle? Then why would you need a massive pair of jumper cables? For those who drive a mid-sized truck or smaller you can get by with a lot less cable and that means a lot less cash up front.

With a rubberized coating with copper connectors, these alligator sized clamps are perfect for getting to batteries in hard to reach locations. With modern cars, you never know where they are going to make things fit and sometimes space is a premium, parrot style claps are just too large.

Top or side post compatible, these 20-foot cables are made of solid core copper coated aluminum wire and sheathed with a flexible rubber. Even subzero they stay more flexible than most 4 gauge cables. They won’t get knotted up and are stay ready for when you need them.

Cartman cables are probably some of the most rigorously tested cables on the market to make sure everything works. If they have a weak side, it’s the 600 amp capacity. This is more than capable of starting most vehicles in most conditions. It would be rare to ever need more.

If you are trying to jump-start a dump truck, you may need more cable but even the largest consumer trucks should fall well within the range of these cables. UL listed and weather resistant, no doubt this is a good set of cables to keep around for when you need them.

  • Safety Coated
  • Flexible and Tangle Free
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Lower Amp Rating
  • Alligator Clamps are Weaker

6.Iron Forge Tools Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable Iron Forge Tools Jumper Cable

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While these booster cables are not made of iron and definitely aren’t forged, they are certainly durable. The one thing you have to give Iron Forge Tools is their customer service and guarantee. If anything happens to these cables ever, you get a new set free of charge.

With easy to use but very solid clamps, these 20 foot long cables meet everything you would need for the best jumper cables. Made to be tangle resistant and with a copper coated solid wire construction. These are easy to set up and great for just about any situation.

At 400 amps, they are on the lighter end of the cable market but will do well with any normal vehicle. Even with their exceptional length, the smaller diameter and carry case make it easy to transport and store so you have them when you need them.

If you are looking to spend a little less or just don’t need a huge cable, Iron Forge is a great value. With a quality product and top of the line warranty, you have very little to lose. They have everything you need and nothing extra to drive the cost of them higher. You are getting plenty of cable for that price.

  • Solid Construction
  • Great Guarantee
  • Heavy
  • Lower Amperage
  • Can get Hot

7.DLux Super Duty Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable DLux Super Duty Jumper Cable

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We could argue how important it was to have attractive jumper cables but that wouldn’t change the fact that these are some attractive jumper cables! Not only that, but the DLux definitely hold their own in quite a crowded market.

At just 12 feet long, these 6 gauge cables are a good, compact lightweight option when you don’t need to pack around a huge set of cables. For smaller cars, ATVs, or anything else that isn’t a huge farm truck, these should more than do the trick.

At 500 amps capacity, they have a good amount of power to start most any vehicle but those big engines on a cold day may give them some problems. Of course, they aren’t the longest cable anyway you cut it, they aren’t going to work for big vehicles anyway.

The wires are copper clad aluminum with everything that entails. They can be somewhat less flexible but do carry current well. A part of this is why you get a 6 gauge wire instead of something smaller. While not always preferable, this is the standard on booster cables today.

Includes a convenient travel bag and somewhat odd color choices, these are the best jumper cables for some. Maybe not if you drive a Hummer but for your mid-sized trucks and smaller, they will work just fine.

  • Eye-Catching
  • Good Amperage Rating
  • Good Carry Case
  • Not good for high demand use
  • Stiffer Cable
  • Short

8.EPAuto Heavy Duty Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable EPAuto Heavy Duty Jumper Cable

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In the world of mid-grade cables, you don’t get a lot of options. Most cables tend to look exactly like other cables and are even made of the same materials. But there are a few that tend to be a little better than the rest.

When it comes down to details, these low profile, copper coated clamps provide perfect conductivity while managing to get to hard to reach batteries. Now that many cars stick them back under the dash, this is more important than ever!

Able to push 500 amps across a 20-foot cable, these full copper wire cables are definitely top notch. In their price range, they may be the best jumper cable option. Though the amperage is a little low for a 4 gauge wire, it isn’t low enough to make them ineffective.

Unless you drive the largest vehicles, you are unlikely to ever need more than this to get you started. Most batteries can’t keep up with that level of current anyway. Why spend a ton of money when you don’t need to?

Packages with a carry case and work gloves, these budget-conscious cables will perform just as you need them to. Mess-free and tangle resistant, these are a good value for the price and perfect for smaller cars.

  • Low Profile
  • Good Conductivity
  • High Amp for their Size
  • Somewhat Stiff
  • Less Clamp Pressure
  • Better for Small Cars

9.OxGord Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable OxGord Jumper Cable

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On the topic of budget cables, you can get some in very heavy duty if you need that sort of boost. If every penny counts but you need big amps, these beat the big box store prices and quality all day long. They may not be anything special for the cost but they don’t need to be.

What you get are a good set of 4 gauge, 500+ amp cables that can handle the load needed for the biggest starter motors. These are CCA cables so they carry a little lighter load than standard full copper cables but at 500 amps, you can start most anything.

The thermal plastic housing of these 25 foot long cables resists tangling and the included travel case keeps everything together until needed. When you do need them, the hefty parrot head clamps with copper teeth provide a firm, conductive contact to the battery posts.

Anywhere down to -40, these cables are able to keep current going. If it gets any colder than that, you probably won’t be able to start a car anyway so why bother? They may not be the very best clams but for the price, they are quite a good set overall.

  • Affordable!
  • Great for Cold Weather
  • Strong Clamps
  • Thick and Heavy
  • No Carry Case
  • Hard to Work Clamps

10.EPAuto Medium Duty Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable EPAuto Medium Duty Jumper Cable

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Much like their heavy duty cables, these lighter models are set up in a way that you can easily fit into most compact spaces making them a very useful cable in many modern cars. Otherwise, they are similar to other cables in most ways.

The outstanding feature of the EPAuto cables are the almost duck-billed alligator clamps. The low profile makes them highly usable and easy to get where you need them. They are stiff with plenty of grip and side flanges specially made for those hard to reach terminals.

At 16 feet long they may not have the reach some people would like but for smaller applications and smaller vehicles, this just makes sense. No need to store a massive 25-foot booster cable when you can use a smaller 16-foot model.

They do come with a carry bag for ease of storage and a pair of safety gloves just in case. The sheathing is quite flexible, even when cold. All around, these are just a solid, usable cable. But one that is sold at quite a value price.

For occasional and emergency use, these are quite good cables that will serve you very well. Maybe not the best for long-term charging with their smaller diameter but for that quick boost to get you going, they can handle that. Why buy more than you need?

  • Low Profile
  • Easy Clamp Pressure
  • Short
  • Light Duty
  • Best for Occasional Use

11.Emgo Light Duty Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable EPAuto Medium Duty Jumper Cable

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Of course, maybe you aren’t looking for pro cables for big jobs. Maybe it’s just the occasional use to get your mower or boat up and going. You won’t need much current and can get by with a very light cable if needed. That’s were these Emgo cables come in very handy.

These are a very flexible, light duty 6’ cable that is perfect for keeping around those spots where they are only for rare use. Or maybe you need them to run an alternate device off your existing battery. Whatever you need a pair of light duty cables for, these are perfect.

The clamps are small and slim making them perfect for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other small machinery. Despite their size, they are quite strong with solid, grippy jaws. Combined with the solid copper cables, these copper coated steel clamps are very serviceable.

If you have issues with hand strength, you will find these a much easier to use cable. They are also very easy to store. At 10 gauge, they can’t handle a lot of amps but they can do enough to get your automotive equipment going in most cases. There is a tradeoff but one that is worth it!

  • Small and Easy to Store
  • Easy Clamps
  • Very Slim Profile
  • Low Amperage
  • Very Short
  • Best for Small Vehicles

12.Performance Tool All Weather Light Duty Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable Performance Tool All Weather Light Duty Jumper Cable

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Moving down onto the bottom rung to look at true light duty cables, there are times that these are handy to have. As with the Emgo, they are compact and lightweight. This makes them easy to store and quite easy to hook up.

Unlike the Emgo, these are at true jumper cable with copper coated alligator clamps that are ready for tougher jobs. Great for starting larger boat motors, small tractors, and most sized vehicles. You can push about 250 amps through but that is about the limit.

That may not seem like much but for a 10 gauge wire, much more is unreasonable. If you want more amps, buy a bigger cable. If you are good with less amps, why spend more than the few bucks these cost? For small vehicles, these are a decent set of cables.

At 12 feet long, they don’t have much reach but in an emergency, this is often enough. They will beat most other light duty cables in the same price range that are often shorter and less robust. You can get a better cable if you want to spend more and get something heavier but unless you need heavier, that is just a waste.

  • Light and Convenient
  • Very Good Value
  • Only good for small vehicles

13.Amazon Basics Light Duty Jumper Cable

Best Jumper Cable Amazon Basics Light Duty Jumper Cable

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Well, you made it this far and that means one of two things. One, you are very interested in getting the best jumper cables around. If so go back to the top and get the first ones. Or two, you are looking for the best deal on a pair of best jumper cables. If that’s the case, these basic cables are the ones you want.

Available in a variety of lengths for a budget price, you aren’t going to get a better deal. 12 feet up to 20 makes getting the right sized cables easy. No matter your need, there is a set of cables here that will work for you. No matter which cables you get, they are al UL certified and very flexible.

Along with different lengths, you also get a choice of the wire gauges you want on your basic booster cables. 10 gauge is for light duty stuff up to a mid-sized car. At the high end, you can get a set of 2 gauge cables that you could jump just about anything with.

Are these the best jumper cables? That depends on how you define that. They are the best deal in jumper cables and will work perfectly well for most people. They have nothing at all special but are a great value. They will likely never let you down and they come with a full 1-year warranty. Maybe not the best, but definitely the best value, one of the top best jumper cables.

  • Basic cables that perform as expected
  • Affordable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Varies by Model


We all live in different areas and drive different vehicles – some of us have small sedans while others have bigger trucks – however we all face the same car battery problems.

Our list of best jumper cables was designed to show items based on their overall functionality and performance.

Since you might not own a big a truck but have family members who do and might need your help at some point we put Unique Imports Professional Jumper Cable as our number one option since it is powerful enough to start higher amp batteries used for bigger vehicles.

We closed our list with Amazon Basics Light Duty Jumper Cable since it is a great value for the price. Although it might not be a super long jumper cable or one that would start a truck it is a perfect emergency and best jumper cable for anybody that drives a mid size sedan or a smaller truck.