Radio clocks are no longer simple locks with alarms to wake you up in the morning.

Over the time, they’ve become more and more sophisticated with lots of cool features to help you with organization through a day.

Clock radios are taking the wake-up alarm function to the next level, here are 11 best radio clocks on current market.

Sangean RCR-5 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio

Sangean RCR-5 Digital AM/FM Clock Radio

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Having been in the business for over 40 years, you can only expect the best from Sangean. This particular digital clock radio comes with a simple design that in no way affects its functionality.
It is available in two colors of black and white and are designed to sit perfectly and blend into your room. The sound output is amazingly huge for its small size and will surely give you the entertainment that you need. The clock display is crystal clear and easy to read.

The RCR-5 has a very strong signal reception and will lock into weak stations to provide you with the best stations within your area. It features AM and FM frequencies which are presented to you with the best receptions.
It comes with 10 presets for saving your favorite stations for when you need them The speaker is fixed at the top and will let you enjoy your favorite radio stations and programs with an impressive sound output.

What do you like waking up to? A soft sweet melody or your favorite program on the radio? Whatever your choice is, the RCR-5 comes with a dual alarms system that lets you choose whichever you want.
You have the options of waking up to radio or the alarm buzzer, whichever is more comfortable for you. For catching extra winks of sleep, the snooze, sleep and nap timers are there to help you get the right amount of sleep that is good enough for you.

You can also play your favorite CDs and tracks from your smartphone through the radio by connecting it through 3.5mm Aux input.

  • Easy to read LCD with adjustable backlight
  • Dual alarm timer
  • 10 memory preset radio stations
  • Difficult to program
  • Not so great user interface

Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Best Radio Clock

Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

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It is unarguable true that the rising sun has its own way of waking us up with a calming effect in the morning, however, we don’t always want to wake up when the sun is up already or we may be too late for work or other engagements. But then again, what if you can get that same effect by having your rising sun in your room as early as 4 am or 5 am in the morning?

This is introducing the sunrise alarm clock with radio from homelabs. This is different from every other clock radio out there that you have ever seen. This is because it comes with its own sun that shines from low to high, just like the sun up there in the sky.
This designed is useful in ensuring that you get up the natural way and not having your sleep cut abruptly in a rather annoying manner. This warm, white led lights come up about 30 minutes before the actual alarm goes off.
The effect is superb and will surely get you ready for what is ahead of you. The LED light comes in eight different color modes for you to choose from and they are very easy to set up.

You are in total control of your own early morning sun as you can adjust the brightness level of the LED lights to suit your tolerance and needs. There is also a backup battery available for retaining setting for when the power goes out or in cases of emergency.

For heavy sleepers, this is the perfect solution for waking up at the right time. The lights are bright enough to get you into the moment and the alarm which can either be set to sounds or radio stations will get the job done in a good way. One of the best radio clocks on the market.

  • Led light for effective wake up
  • Different colors
  • Sunrise features
  • Lights too bright
  • Can only dim the daylight color

Itoma Alarm Clock Radio

Itoma Alarm Clock Radio

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With a 1.4” large white LED display, the Itoma alarm clock radio boasts of very clear and easy to see display which can of course be adjusted to either provider a brighter display at daytime or a less distractive display at night. It features an automatic as well as a manual brightness control for keeping things in view.

If you happen to have kids that don’t like sleeping in the dark or you love to read at bedtime, then the led lam just underneath the device will definitely suffice.
It provides you with a bright enough light that shines good enough. This feature can be turned on and off with just one switch of the button designed for it.

You can also charge your mobile devices with the attached USB port. This is to add more convenience to your daily life.

To make everything even better, the radio features comes with up to 20 presets for storing your favorite stations. For better radio reception, the Itoma clock radio comes with an antenna that can be adjusted to provide your radio with better signals.

The dual alarm system can be preset to wake you up in the morning with the in-build alarm sounds or you can just wake up to the radio on your clock.
You are always at liberty to choose whichever works better for you. the alarm volume can be adjusted to a more comfortable level and you can choose different alarm settings for every day of the week or the weekends.

The clock also features an automatic switching for daylight saving. This is to say that you don’t have to go through the hassle of having to set up the time while you can just put in your time zone and the time will be adjusted to meet up.

The features of the Itoma are incredible. An alarm clock that comes with a radio with up to 20 stations preset and a LED light for reading in the dark is definitely a perfect fit for your home.

  • LED light for reading
  • 20 presets for saving radio stations
  • A little difficult to feel the top
  • Tiny radio speakers

Emerson Best Radio Clock

Emerson Radio

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Emerson Radio is built to not only tell you what the time is but also to save your time. It does this by automatically setting the time to the current minute, hour, second and also setting the date to the current day, month and year.
So you no longer have to go through the stress of doing all these by yourself.

It features a large and easy to read display and of course, the display can be easily adjusted from bright to dim. The large display ensures that you are able to tell what the time is as simply as just taking a look at your clock.
The alarm system can either be programmed to wake you up with the FM radio or just the buzzer option, you are always at liberty to choose whichever works for you. you can always set up different alarm settings for each day of the week or weekends.

To tell what day it is with Emerson radio, you only have to click on a button and the alarm will give you a detailed display of the month and day.

For cases of power outages, a backup battery is provided to help save your settings and ensure that you lose nothing until the lights are back up.

The design is simple and will fit into your bedroom or anywhere else that you may want to keep it. it is easy to program, saving you time and the stress and the 1.4” display LCD ensures that you don’t miss a thing on the screen. Emerson radio comes with a lot of features for a small price.

  • Easy to program
  • Patented smartest automatic time setting
  • Button cell battery for backup
  • Not too bright
  • Snooze goes off in 4 minutes instead of 9 minutes

Jbl Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio

Jbl Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio

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The design on the Jbl horizon Bluetooth clock radio is simply amazing and will definitely fit into any home as a piece of décor.
It features a circular shape and turns flat just at the bottom for a sturdy stand. The display is crisp and clear and you are going to have no problem telling what the time is.

The features are a lot and very interesting. The Jbl horizon Bluetooth clock radio allows you to stream music from your mobile devices through an efficient Bluetooth connection.
This feature allows you to set up a music from your smart device as your wake up alarm tone instead of the conventional buzzer or FM radio.

A LED ambient backlight is also provided to serve as your artificial sunlight that will wake you up gently and not put an abrupt stop to your sweet sleep.

The radio system comes with over up to five radio stations preset for saving your favorite stations.
The sound quality is superb and will leave you with a rich, room filling and quality output. this will amplify the sound of whatever music you love playing and will only make you love it the more.

For ease and convenience of charging your mobile devices, two fast charging USB charging ports have been installed for charging up to 2 of your smart devices at the same time. Now you can play the music on your mobile device via a Bluetooth connection and you won’t have to worry about your battery dying on the way.

The Jbl horizon Bluetooth clock radio also comes with a backup battery just in case power decides to malfunction, you won’t have to lose all your settings or stand the risk of waking up late.

  • Bluetooth streaming for music
  • Ambient backlight
  • Fast charging USB ports
  • Unusually big
  • A bit hard to shut off the alarm

Sony ICFC-1 Alarm Clock Radio

Sony ICFC-1 Alarm Clock Radio

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One important thing about having a bedside clock is the convenience of time telling that comes along with getting one for your home. The Sony ICFC-1 Alarm Clock Radio has been designed in such a way that you can easily tell what the time is by looking at it even from a good distance.
The Led display is big and bright enough and you will never have to strain your eyes to get it right. The brightness control among other things gives you the edge of enjoying a brighter display during the daytime and a less distracting display at night.

The design is simple and yet again beautiful. It is sure to fit into your home as easily and will give the overall environment a face-lift. The black color will give you just about everything that you and your home decor deserve.

Jerking up from a sweet sleep is seldom a good experience. The Sony ICFC-1 Alarm Clock incorporates a gradual wake alarm that will not force you up from your bed.
The sound system starts from low, comfortable tone and gradually increases to a level that will surely give you the wake up treatment that you need. The snooze button also comes in handy for when you just need to catch some more sleep minutes.

The brightness control can be adjusted to a level that is good enough for you, depending on the time of the day. For a better night’s rest, you may want to keep the display brightness to the barest minimum.
This is to ensure that nothing interferes with your sleep and during the day, the highest level of brightness will suffice to ensure that you get a good view from whatever distance you are.

The AM/FM frequency radio provides added functionality for ensuring that you catch up with your favorite radio shows and programs. The speakers are loud enough to provide you with amazing outputs at 100 mW.
A programmable sleep timer is there to turn your radio off at the appropriate time, just when you need it.

Time setting is rather a fluid adventure on this device as it comes with the automatic time set option. All you have to do is set your time zone and the rest takes care of itself. It is hassle free and won’t waste your time or energy.

  • Clean, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Automatic time setting
  • Big, bright display
  • Buzzer not loud enough
  • Radio analogy frequency not bright enough

Mpow Projection Clock, FM Radio Alarm Clock

Mpow Projection Clock, FM Radio Alarm Clock

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With its large face display and sleek design, the Mpow Projection Clock does more than just tell you the time. It is designed with your comfort in mind, affording you all manner of convenience and sophistication.
From the amazing time projection to the clear radio signal and wonderful design, this clock radio will definitely fit into any part of your home, serving you as a time telling piece, a radio device as well as a piece of decor. The backup battery is also there to keep you going when there is an issue with your power source.

The Mpow Projection Clock won’t be occupying much of the space in your home as the size is not so big and despite the small size, the display is still very much clear and big enough to be seen without any form of difficulty.
The time projector is built in to project the time to your ceiling at your chosen angle, thereby allowing you to take note of the time without stressing yourself on the bed. The 5 inch curved led screen ads to its beauty and will spice up the look of your bedroom.

The display level can be adjusted to either a higher level of brightness or a low level, whichever is comfortable for any time of the day. The projection can also be adjusted to either bright, dim or off.

The dual alarm system lets you select which sound wakes you up in the morning. The buzzer or the radio, whichever is your delight. The snooze option allows you up to 60 minutes of extra sleep.

Mpow has a built-in memory for storing up to 15 stations and can tune frequencies from 76.0 to 108.0MHz so you can enjoy the news, weather forecast, music shows and lots of other radio programs.
An antenna is attached for better reception and stronger signals. A sleep timer option is there to automatically switch off the radio using a programmed listening duration. The volume can be adjusted from level 1 to level 15 for better and more audible sound.

For added functionality and convenience, a USB port is attached for charging of smartphones and tablets.

A battery backup is there for memorizing settings and ensuring that the device never goes off in events of power outages or cuts.

  • Time projection on ceilings
  • Beautiful design
  • Storage space for 15 radio stations
  • Display is too bright for night mode
  • No auto dimming feature

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

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The Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio is the perfect combination of style and functionality all in one. This is something different from your regular clock radio and it’s all thanks to the amazing features, design and abilities.

The design is perfected to give you a crystal clear display that ensures you are able to catch the time even as far as from the other end of your room. For added convenience, this masterpiece comes with a projector for projecting the time on any part of the wall.
The swivel projector has the ability to tilt up to 180 degrees and this is one way you can send the projector to any part of the wall. The adjustable focus knob is there to help you achieve a clearer and more focused time projection.

Soft music selections that comes with Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio doesn’t just wake you up in the morning. It also sends you off to sleep with the sweet melodies that they carry. There are over 5 selections of sounds to choose from including Ocean waves, Birds, Rain and Brook. They act as natural sleep aids while also coming in as good stress reliefs.

A side mounted USB port is there to charge your devices at your own convenience. They work with all smartphones, tablets and mp3 players.

The radio system has a programmable sleep timer that you can set up. This is sure to send you into a soft sleep while going off at a later time. The AM/FM Radio tuner comes with 10 station presents for your listening pleasure. You have the option of choosing from a wide range of radio shoes and music stations to keep your day going.

For those mornings where you would love to catch a little more sleep before finally climbing off your bed, the snooze button is there to help you extend the alarm by a few minutes, allowing you get all the rest that you need before getting up for the day.

You can always adjust the brightness level to give you a brighter display in the daytime or a less bright display at night to avoid distractions while you sleep.

The backup battery ensures that your clock is always there even when there is power outage, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing your time.

  • Time projector for convenience while you sleep
  • Dual alarms
  • Gradual wake up alarm
  • Defective buttons
  • Does not play music through the speakers

DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio

DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio

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Everything is placed at your viewing convenience with DreamSky Alarm clock with FM radio. The display is decent enough and you won’t have to strain your eyes to get a good view of the what the time is. The temperature display is also large enough to let you know what your room temperature stands at.

The design boasts of a simple yet elegant build which will sure add a bit of more beauty to your room or wherever it is placed. The size is just the right thing and will fit perfectly to any environment.

One problem with checking the time on your phone deep in the night is the amount of light that floods into your eyes. The experience can be painful and injurious too. With DreamSky clock, the display can be adjusted to suit whatever time of the day it is.
The lights can be dimmed for more comfort. From high for day time to low for night time. This is especially useful for those that don’t like sleeping with the lights on. The brightness can be turned off totally.

The speakers are what you need to take your listening experience to the next level. It features a 0 – 15 level volume adjustment, loud enough to let you enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations.
The sleep mode lets you adjust the automatic off time to whenever you are sure you would have fallen asleep.

The extra USB port is there for you to charge your mobile device with ease and convenience. It works with smartphones, iPads and iPhones.

The clock display features a 12 or 24-hour format, depending on what serves you better. The display is crystal clear and you need not squint to know the time.
The alarm clock sound level can be adjusted to a volume that is decent enough for you. The snooze button is there to allow you catch some extra winks of sleep. It has a 9 minutes snooze interval, just enough to wake you up to the moment.

You don’t have to worry about losing track of time because of power failure or anything like it. The battery backup on the DreamSky will ensure that your clock is always up and running until you get back your power.

  • Adjustable alarm sound
  • Backup battery for power failure
  • USB charging port for mobile devices
  • Lower display too bright for night use
  • Radio sound not too loud

Thpoplete Clock Radio

Thpoplete Clock Radio

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The Thpoplete Clock Radio comes with two separate alarms, one for the weekend and the other for week days. This function gives you all the leverage that you need in order to ensure you get maximum effectiveness from your schedules. It also comes with three dimmer levels for each time of the day.

To ensure that nothing gets in the way of your beauty sleep, including the lights from the digital clock, the low dimmer level brings the brightest to the lowest level, ensuring that while your eyes are safe from distractions, you are able to know what the time is each time you turn from your bed.

The high dimmer level is designed to let you access the time on your clock radio even under the brightest conditions. This allows you see the display clearly, even from a far distance.

Thpoplete Clock Radio comes with a built-in Bluetooth and mic. This feature allows you to listen to music from your Bluetooth clock by connecting to your cellphone via a 4.2 Bluetooth technology which connects effectively up to 66 feet distance.
You not only get to play the normal radio stations but also enjoy your favorite tracks. The built-in MIC is all you need for a clear and efficient hands-free calls.

Another useful feature that comes with Thpoplete Clock Radio is the USB ports for charging your mobile devices. It comes with two of them and they are compatible with all mobile devices. So just in case your charger gets missing, all you need is your cord and Thpoplete Clock Radio will do the rest. The USB ports are two in number, letting you charge two of your devices at the same time.

The Digital Tuning FM frequency covers from 87.5MHz to 108.0MHz. It comes with a sleep mode function. This basically for switching off the radio or music after 90 minutes playtime. This is when you must have gone to sleep. This is an effective way of saving battery life and easing up on the noise while you sleep.

Keep tabs your room’s temperature with the built in thermometer that can read your homes’ temperature easily. The thermometer can easily be switched from centigrade to Fahrenheit, whichever is okay with you.

The features are many and you will find out that they are quite helpful.

  • High quality speakers
  • Bluetooth connection up to 66 feet distance
  • Difficult to set up
  • Smaller size than expected

ICE-BINGO Alarm Clock Radio

ICE-BINGO Alarm Clock Radio

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Light weight with an amazing design that will give your home all the décor element that it needs, the ICE-BINGO Alarm Clock Radio has enough features to make never want to choose another clock radio. The display is wide enough to contain all the texts and still give a clean and crisp output for easy reading. The white texts against the black LCD display makes everything easier, a brighter display in the daytime and a dim display for night time, something to reduce the distraction while you sleep.

The ICE-BINGO Alarm Clock Radio lets you listen to your favorite radio stations with a frequency that spans from 87.5 MHZ to 108 MHZ. It also comes with a temperature display system that alerts you as to when the heat is too high or the atmosphere is too cold, just for your convenience.

The clock comes in two formats, the 12-hour time format and the 24-hour time format, whichever serves you better is there for your choosing.

If you ever find yourself on a journey and in need of an extra speaker for enjoying your favorite tracks, the speaker on ICE-BINGO Alarm Clock Radio is just enough to let you get a total feel of good sound quality. It also features a built-in AUX jack for connecting almost any audio device.

The Bluetooth connectivity option is there for you to connect your smart device for streaming your favorite music. A 5000 mAh rechargeable battery guarantees you up to 12 hours playtime and it only takes 4 hours to recharge and be ready for use again.

The ICE-BINGO Alarm Clock Radio is a perfect addition to the home and not just that, you can always bring it to the office with you as they are light and easy to carry about. It can also fit into your dormitory, kitchen, parties and great for travel freaks.

  • 5000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Up to 12 hours playtime
  • Light and easy to carry about
  • Sound cracks at some volumes
  • Cheap quality

Conclusion of Best Radio Clocks Article

This list has been compiled to provide you with valid suggestions on the best radio clocks out there for your choosing. They come with good ratings at least and will definitely serve you better. Some are cheap while the others are way cheaper, whichever you decide to go for, we hope you get all the satisfaction that you need and that you never miss your appointments again.