Do you struggle with keeping your midsection the way you want it?

Whether you’re looking to reduce your waist size, improve your posture or just keep your curves more prominent our list of best waist trainers will help you find the right one to help you achieve your goal.

1.Ann Cherry Latex Best Waist Trainers and Shaper

Best Waist Trainer Ann Cherry Latex Waist Trainer and Shaper

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A good waist trainer has to do a lot of jobs to be the best. It can’t just be a compression band to make you look slimmer. It also has to improve your posture, provide support, and apply its compression in just the right way. If it adds a thermogenic effect to weight loss, all the better.

The Ann Cherry waist trainer does all of these things. For compression, it has three sets of eye hook closures for the perfect fit attached to a full latex band. The cut and form provide maximum compression to your center without affecting your bust.

Combine this with memory-free poly boning and you get support and lift. It may take some time for real results to set in but you will feel results instantly. Your posture will immediately improve while keeping your natural curves and contours. Nothing will stand in the way of your new and improved silhouette.

The compression of a latex shaper engages muscle use while also providing that thermal activity you need to kick-start weight reduction and slimming. Ann Cherry does this perfectly. With just the right resistance to get the core working for as long as you wear it. Worn up to 8 hours a day, some users have reported drastic size reductions in as little as two months.

Worn discreetly under your normal attire, this cotton-lined shaper is comfortable enough for long wear to get the most out of your day. You will get the best results out of habitual wear. Besides, many users find their new shape addicting. You are going to want to wear it daily. This makes comfort all the more necessary.

With this trainer, you won’t have to compromise between lasting results and instant gratification. You get the best of both worlds starting the moment you put it on. Pay close attention to the sizing. This waist trainer is more forgiving than most but you still need to get it right to get results.

Train your muscles, burn fat, and improve your posture and figure in no time. This is easily one of the best trainers on the market that you will never regret owning. With a fair price and good quality, it’s a hard one to beat!

  • Steel Boning
  • High Rise Fit
  • Comfortable Cotton Lining
  • Rides High on Hips
  • Somewhat Stretchy

2.Yianna Latex Sports Top Waist Trainer – Long Torso

Best Waist Trainer Yianna Latex Sports Waist Trainer - Long Torso

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Not all women are sized the same in many ways. This goes beyond the standard measurements. If you are one of those women with a long torso, you too can get that slim, hourglass shape with the right trainer. That trainer is the Yianna trainer!

If you want a trainer that slims at the bottom, shapes in the middle, and lifts at the top, you can’t beat the Yianna Sports Trainer. With a durable two-layer latex, you get the perfect amount of compression right where you need it most without compromising any of your other assets.

Not only is the latex extra stout but so are the oversized hook closures. This trainer was made to endure workouts and works great in that role but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it day to day as well. Everything about this trainer was made to last so you get the most bang for your buck.

The 7 steel bones are quite rigid and terminate in latex ends to prevent them from ever damaging the fabric of your trainer. These provide the overall shape but also assist in engaging the proper muscles for trimming while improving overall posture. You will notice a dramatic change to your figure the moment you put it on.

Wear this as a central piece of your workout gear to get the most out of it or slip it on under your normal clothing for an improved figure right out of the box. As a sports trainer, it does a great job of getting muscles firing while you get the thermal effect to boost your fat burn potential.

Worn day in and day out, this trainer will get you the results you need both immediately and over the long term. This is a powerhouse of waist trainers that does everything you could need and more. For those women who are a little longer on top, you can get an amazing figure and with the right waist trainer, you can get it immediately. Check out the Yianna Sports Trainer today!

  • Steel Boning
  • Cotton Lined
  • Designed for Daily Wear
  • Only Good for Taller People
  • Doesn’t Shape Hip Area

3.Lady Slim Columbiana Waist Trainer & Corset

Best Waist Trainer Lady Slim Columbiana Waist Trainer

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Columbia has become the home of high-quality waist trainers. It seems like the majority of the best waist trainers in the world found their origins in Latin America. Maybe that is the secret of those shapely southern bodies.

If you are looking for that exotic figure, the Lady Slim trainer is a great way to get it. Like most good trainers, this a full latex body with triple hook closures for great compression but just the right amount of adjustment for those days you need a little more or a little less. The difference this trainer will make is immediate!

You will get improved posture and a slimmer, hourglass profile the moment you put it on. From the hips to the bust, you will get that perfect figure and shape. It highlights and accentuates your booty and bust all while trimming down your core.

All the while it will support your back and engage your abs to provide a lasting effect on your body. Worn consistently, this can have a dramatic effect over time. This is partially due to your posture and partially to the thermal activity of a latex corset.

When it comes to form and function, this waist trainer has about everything you need. The hook closures are triple attached for strength and the latex is an all-natural variety that is quite durable. This is not a boned trainer which does make it easier for workouts when pressure points can get annoying.

All in all, this is a superb quality trainer for those just starting out. The price is perfect and the trainer is comfortable and durable. It is far easier to wear for those who have never done so. You may want to upgrade to a boned model later, but for now, this is a perfect place to start.

  • Perfect Fit
  • Shapes Hips, Supports Bust
  • Very Durable
  • Steel Boned
  • Less Comfortable
  • Latex Smell – Will Go Away

4.Ann Darling Latex Sports Waist Trainer

Best Waist Trainer Ann Darling Latex Sports Waist Trainer

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Another waist trainer based on the Columbian design, this is not only one of the best waist trainers on the market but overall it is probably the highest quality waist trainer short of spending hundreds of dollars. This makes the value for this particular product especially high.

Not all women are shaped the same. This is also true of waist trainers. All of them will help you get a slimmer figure but this one has the best shape of any budget waist trainer around. The shape has just that little bit more accentuation that makes a huge difference.

From just at the top of the hips to the bust, this full latex shaper really does the job right. It compresses the tummy nicely while pinching in the top of the butt and lifting the bust just enough. If you want a flattering figure, this gives it to you starting day one.

It helps you keep it through the similar processes of muscle engagement and thermogenics. It keeps your abs working while helping you sweat off those extra pounds. Combined with light exercise, you have a great way to get fit and shapely and stay there.

If you do want a workout trainer, this one is built for the job. From the thicker latex body to the reinforced hook closures, it will stay put no matter your activity level. Combined with the all steel flexible boning, it is tough while being discreet. Worn for workouts or at the office, you will get the shape you want with no one the wiser.

The steel boning also adds to the support of the whole trainer. With 7 total bones, it works perfectly for keeping things tight. This helps to reduce back pain and can lift a lot of weight off the shoulders when you stand in proper posture. Even your bust benefits from the support given, taking some of that weight and moving it to your hips.

  • Very Good Compression
  • Highly Elastic
  • Steel Boning
  • Latex Smell – Will Go Away
  • Somewhat Bulky

5.ShapeRX Waist Trainer – Top Waist Trainer

Best Waist Trainer ShapeRX Waist Trainer

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While it is well known that the hook and loop system is the strongest, it is also the hardest to put on and take off. A number of solutions have been worked up to get around this, one of the most popular is a Velcro system used on ShapeRX trainers. This makes the whole process of wearing a trainer much less hassle.

The second difference to this trainer is the material. Rather than latex, the ShapeRX trainer is made of neoprene. In some ways, it is inferior to latex but in the end, it is much more forgiving. It can also be more comfortable. It still provides great compression for a shapely figure but doesn’t have quite the form of a latex trainer.

This is a great trainer for those allergic to latex. It may be one of the few options you have. For those not allergic, this neoprene model is still better for the skin. This is especially true when you are working out and sweating heavily. Neoprene breathes slightly better.

Of course, this does slow down the thermogenic effect. Luckily this trainer still does a wonderful job of keeping the abs engaged and posture straight. You will see the effects immediately and feel them after every workout. That is one place where the ShapeRX trainer excels! It was designed for workouts and lives up to its reputation.

Of course, you can wear this trainer anywhere under your normal attire where no one will ever know. It is smaller than some other trainers. This means it can be more easily concealed but doesn’t shape quite as well. It does nothing for the butt or bust, just slims down the abdomen.

Sure there are a number of negatives to this particular trainer so why would it be among the best? That is in its simplicity. Using Velcro and a belt system, this trainer goes on and comes off easier than any other trainer around. This makes it perfect for the gym or just when you want to get out and about. Keep it in a purse or your car till you need it and you can get it on in less than a minute.

  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Thermogenic Fat Burn
  • Lasts Forever
  • No Boning
  • Less Shaping
  • No Bust Support

6.Dilanni Occupy Women Latex Waist Trainer

Best Waist Trainer Dilanni Occupy Women Latex Waist Trainer

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There are a lot of ways to wear a waist trainer and some people prefer a little more or a little less. If you are the type that wants a little more compression from your trainer, this is probably the best trainer for you! This is perhaps the snuggest and most forming trainer on the market if you can handle the pressure.

A part of the massive compression this waist trainer is capable of comes from the three-layer fabric design. Rather than just a lined latex trainer, this particular product has an internal lining for comfort and an external shell of nylon for durability. It is the internal core that is made of 100% natural latex and provides the actual compression.

Some days you may feel like a little more or a little less. We all get that way. Having adjustability is a great thing. In the case of the Dilanni Trainer, you get extra-large eyes in three rows for a better fit for any time of the day or month.

The extra cloth layers also ramp up your fat burn by causing a stronger transgenic heat effect. Some people may find this a little too hot but if you can handle it, the results you get will come on faster and stronger.

Until you get those results, this is the best waist trainer to give you that flattering shape. It smooths and hugs the top of the hips, slims down the waist, and give you a little push in the bust. Your overall silhouette will improve by leaps and bounds.

And so will your posture. The flexible, spiral ribbed boning makes this trainer very rigid in all the right places. Take some of the weight off your shoulders and apply it to your hips and you will get that straight back with a perfect arch that everyone is looking for. For the price, this is a great trainer and a hard one to beat!

  • Very Durable
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Compression
  • Steel Boning
  • Doesn’t Shape as Much
  • Somewhat Stiff

7.Burvogue Waist Trainer/Corset

Best Waist Trainer Burvogue Waist Trainer

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Modern trainers do have a lot in common with corsets. They do provide some shaping and support but they miss that classic shape by just a little. If you are thinner, the new style works better but for a broader woman, the classic style has a lot to offer. That’s where the Burvogue comes in!

One of the traits of a classic shaper is how rigid they are. If you want the best waist trainer to get you that hourglass figure, you need something that has some hold. Burvogue nailed it on the head with this trainer that offers amazing compression with plenty of rigidity to hold everything in just the right place.

The nine steel bones of this corset style waist trainer provide that rigidity and a perfect amount of support. This improves posture and accentuates the shaping effect to give you that classic Victorian look. This also keeps the whole trainer in place so it doesn’t roll or slip.

While you can easily wear this for a workout to maximize your heat and sweat induced weight loss, it really is intended for everyday wear. It will do everything a sports trainer will but may be a bit rigid for some of the more flexible exercises. You would be better off with a true sports model for workouts and this one for your daily wear.

Construction is a core of 100% latex lined with a cotton/spandex blend for comfort and frictionless wear. This is where you get the majority of your heat from when wearing and what causes improved fat burning. Coupled with a three-row eyelet closure, this is one of the most durable models on top of being one of the absolute best waist trainers.

When it comes to fit and shaping, this trainer starts at the ribs and slims you down to the waist then swells and rounds the hips and buttocks for a perfect classic hourglass look. Make sure you get the right fit with this trainer. It can be a little more finicky size wise than most. They publish their own fit guide that will land you the perfect trainer, just make sure you use it.

  • Great Shaping
  • Great Support
  • Best Steel Boning
  • Quite Stiff
  • Better for Long Torso
  • Improper size selection can cause damage to trainer

8.Lover-Beauty Latex Corset & Trainers

Best Waist Trainer Lover-Beauty Latex Corset

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If you are fine with your bust and want that natural look, but feel a little shaping around the tummy and hips is just what you need, there are trainers for that. In the Case of the Lover-Beauty trainer, it even comes in colors that flatter more than the shape will. This is a great all-around trainer for the active or fun-loving types.

As with all trainers, this one starts with great compression. A full latex core and 100% natural cotton lining provide a great blend of comfort and shaping to get you that perfect waist shape. Because of the lower rise, this is actually one of the best waist trainers for compression. Some people could see as much as 5 inches.

A part of this is in the 9 full steel bones that make up the structure of this trainer. This adds a ton of support to your posture while holding that perfect shape. You will immediately feel and look better than you could imagine. From day one, you will see instant effects.

The long-term effects may take a little longer but happen faster than you would think. The natural weight loss induced by this trainer is staggering. It isolated to just those areas most people want to trim to maximize the effect. This trainer is a little more rigid but working out in it is completely viable.

The first two supports on this corset style waist trainer bracket the three rows of hooks for sizing. This is the location where most other trainers are weak but the Lover-Beauty trainer focuses on this area first. This provides the maximum shaping to the area most people want it most, right at the belly.

You need to check out some of the colors offered by Lover-Beauty. These are more than an undergarment, they are a fashion statement. Match them to outfits and discover a ton of new looks with this trainer. You will see what it’s among the best waist trainers on the market.

  • Lots of Boning
  • Great Shaping
  • Shaping Less Pronounced
  • Difficult Sizing
  • No Bust Support

9.Nebility Waist Trainer

Best Waist Trainer Nebility Waist Trainer

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Some trainers have made the move from a simple corset style to a full garment. This improves a great many aspects of the trainer including fat burn, support, and shaping. Among the best of these new styles of trainers is the Nebility Trainer.

This particular trainer is an antimicrobial nylon construction. Unlike standard trainers, it covers all of the general areas but uses shoulder straps for extra support. This helps to shape and hold everything from the hips to the best for the perfect shape and lift. It pushed up just where you want it and slims down just where it’s needed.

If you are looking for a workout waist trainer, this is a hit! The added support helps keep it in place while the overall flexibility won’t get in the way of any exercise you want to do. This will maximize the lasting effects or the trainer, speeding weight loss and trimming down those problem areas.

You won’t have to wait months to see an effect though. From the moment you put this trainer on, you will notice a dramatic difference in your overall shape. Even without the boning that makes a trainer rigid, this is among the best trainers out there for overall shaping and compression. You could lose three to five inches with this trainer on.

One of the most impressive features of this trainer is the overall support. If you are recovering from a recent birth, this is a great trainer. Not only will it help get that tummy in check but it supports the bust for a better overall shape.

While not in the same realm as most of the trainers on the market, this new style is becoming increasingly popular. Many of the best waist trainers out there are using this same form. If you have tried trainers before with mixed feelings, this one will change your mind.

  • Great Support
  • Great Shaping
  • Very Comfortable
  • Less Compression
  • Quite Long
  • More Difficult to Put On

10.Ursexyly Shapewear Trainer

Best Waist Trainer Ursexyly Shapewear Trainer

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The Ursexyly trainer is all about the workout. On the surface, it may resemble any of the new styles of trainers but on the inside, it is a fat burning machine. This is not to say it won’t help to shape and hold but the true point of this trainer is to trim you up and get you fit.

Among these new styles of trainers, you get some that are called sauna style. These are trainers that maximize the transgenic weight loss effect while shaping things into that perfect hourglass form. These are currently some of the most popular waist trainers on the market.

Of course, if you are going to make a workout trainer, the first thing it has to be is tough. The Ursexyly was made with that in mind through every step of the process. The polyester-spandex blend is perfect for building a tough trainer as are the three rows of hooks. All of this is supported by a zip closure

As a workout trainer, you do need support but also want some flexibility. This trainer has both in spades. The thicker and more rugged fabric does a great job of keeping things where they belong while the lack of rigid bones makes if flexible. This trainer sets right in the middle of support and shaping.

But it sets at the head of the table when it comes to the fat loss side of things. You can sweat away your extra weight with this extra-hot trainer specifically made for the purpose. Even without a workout, you will get results but a light workout in one of these a few times a will speed things up dramatically.

In many ways, this is just not one of the best weight trainers out there. There are some that do more but none that will give you the weight loss of the Ursexyly trainer. For workout enthusiasts, this is the trainer for you!

  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Shaping
  • Good Compression
  • Very Thick
  • Doesn’t Shape Hips
  • Weak zipper

11.Ursexyly Double Control Waist Trainer

Best Waist Trainer Ursexyly Double Control Waist Trainer

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If that last trainer sounded right up your alley except for the lack of boning for support, this is the answer. Made by the same company in much the same style, this trainer has all the support you need but with the extra fat-burn, you want.

Construction is very similar with a nylon shell and three rows of oversized hooks. The double wrap zips to keep everything tight and in place. The shaping and compression are near perfect.

Weight loss is still boosted by the same composition to provide a sauna-like atmosphere over those problem areas. You get much the same fat burn as the Shapewear corset above and in the same length of time.

The difference is that this trainer has steel boning. This maximizes shaping, support, and hold. It lacks the over the shoulder straps but it doesn’t need them. With a dual layer of fabric and steel bones, this trainer has all the support you need.

You will lose some flexibility for exercise if you happen to need it. That is part of the trade-off. This corset is actually more rigid than most. This a double-edged sword that provides great support for hard workouts but none of the flexibility for those more technical exercises.

  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Decent Compression
  • No Support
  • Shorter Length
  • Can be Too Warm


Best Waist Trainers were designed to reduce the waist size, improve the posture and help with women’s curves by making them more prominent.

All of the products from our list of best waist trainers do what they were designed to do but they slightly differ from each other either by their features, fit or material.

Ann Cherry Latex Waist Trainer and Shaper is of the best waist trainers out there that has been trusted by thousands of women around the globe and that is why we made it our number 1 pick.

We closed our list with Ursexyly Double Control Waist Trainer since it is a great body shaper that is also more budget friendly – perfect for someone that is trying to get into using waist trainers to burn some tummy fat. Thank you for reading our best waist trainers article.